A Journey in to the Unexplained

'We can not prove a 'Negative',  We can only prove a 'Positive'

This means we can not prove that something does not, or has never existed. We can only prove that something does exist or has previously existed in the past through the presence of actual evidence.

Our Lands Seas and skies are full of unexplained phenomena, our world packed with many beliefs; religions; rituals, conspiracy theories and cover ups.  Our world is also full of 'Secret Places' that are hidden from our view, some are natural features that are undiscovered, tucked away out of our view, or just forgotten, but there are places that are purposely hidden from us and even some whose existence is totally denied by our Governments.

All these things interest and intrigue me, and I'm sure that some will also interest and intrigue you too!.

But Why?..  Well I'm sure it is because none of us enjoys not knowing for sure, we are all looking for some definitive confirmation of the truth regardless  if that turns out to be proving or disproving.

Perhaps we will never discover the answers,  or just maybe one day we will ! 

I have always thought of myself as a somewhat 'Logical' person, being non religeous and only believing in what I can actually see for myself; physically touch; or explain with a clear scientific explanation. Yet there are some unexplained things in this world which can not be either proved or disproved, many strange and wonderful things that so far we cannot find a distinct and definitive answer to.

I cannot say that I am a 'Believer' in all of them, but yet I have seen and I have experienced things that I could not logically explain, so therefore I cannot say that I am a 'Disbeliever' either. I just keep an open mind, keep looking and researching and wait for definitive proof.

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