Did they, or Do they still exist ?

Our past is full of accounts of what we were led to believe were only fantasy or myth, Dragons, Mermaids and monsters of the sea.

But what if they were true ?

Our developmental history as human beings has for centuries been censored or modified to ensure we fit in with the belief structures forced upon us by religion and by those who run our countries.  Many  Inventions have been withheld to maintain the benefits to a limited few, and Discoveries that reveal the truth have been hidden away, then excuses given to distract us away from them.

Darwin was laughed at and called a heretic when he first told the world we developed from apes, and for ages his findings were ignored or denied, as this went against the religious beliefs that we were made by god.

Knowledge is power, so those in power keep knowledge of it from all the rest.

Mermaids have been depicted from our earliest decendeants in the form of cave paintings.  Similar descriptions and stories have been recounted all across the globe, so is there something we are not aware of ?

There have been many bodies reported being found around the world, although most have been proved to be fake or missidentified.

Would it be possible?....

Most Animals especially Mammals have evolved and adapted over the centuries,

Humans still have the physiolgical evidence that we once had tails.

Seals still have evidence that they once had legs, and Whales were believed to have once been land animals and walked.

So what is to say that a branch of humans did not adapt to live in the sea.

Where would they live? and why have we not found other evidence?

We may of explored the moon, mars, and many other space bodies, but we have barely touched the surface of our own planet,

We may have mapped it from the surface using sonar and satalites, but only 5 percent of the Ocean floor has actually been explored, the deepest part that we know of 'The Mariana Trench' at 7 Miles  (11,034 meters (36,201 feet) has only been visited 4 times and due to the limitations of intense pressure and darkness it only gave a very limited view from the submersible.

Until the sea floor is fully and thoroughly explored, we cant rule out the possibilities of existence of such mythical creatures such as the Kraken or Mermaids, or even that the Megladon does not still survive in the depths of the oceans. It was only recently that giant squid were discovered, and the continued existence of the 'Dragon Shark' was confirmed in Japan. (See below or the Inner Space section).

Prehistoric Dinosaur still lives

The Dragon Shark has been found in Japan

Are Mermaids Real ?

This video documentary explains the revelation by various employees from NOAA  (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration)
the American agency responsible for conditions of the oceans, that they possibly do exist and still exist until this day.

It also explains the following widespread cover-up exercise by the military as an attemopt to hide away the devastation to marine life caused by them after testing sub-aquatic weapons.

What do you think ?
Did they exist ?
Could they still exist ?