Conspiracy theories abound and are easily generated, the majority are false and have no factual evidence, they are created by individuals; groups or companies who wish to further their own aims; seek attention or gain recognition, and are created from fantasy, boredom or just idle gossip. They build up their story by twisting the truth and existing evidence to match, thats of course if there is any evidence to start with. However sometimes conspiracy therories are generated on purpose, Governments and Industries have used them to 'Cover-up' and explain away accidents; mishaps and even assassinations. They have been used to miss-direct attention and keep the real information and the truth away from the general public.

Who killed Elvis or Michael Jackson? - Is Elvis and Hitler still alive? - Are Aliens among us?...  We have all heard these 'Conspiracy Theories', typical recent ones include the death of Princess Diana; the 9/11 collapse of the Twin Towers, in fact you only have to look at any major event, catastrophy or disaster and someone somewhere will come up with a conspiracy theory. With computer Graphic & Video editing software now available to all and the Internet coming of age, it has enabled them to spread misleading information much faster and to a far wider audience.

I am not going to say the stories below are completely true, I wasn't there, I am not in possession of all the facts and evidence, nor do I have the information to prove or disprove them. I only try to explain what I have come across; heard or read, things that make me sit up and listen and 'make me think and question'. Thoughts that pester the back of my mind as my brain tries to work out the events, make me want to know more about it, and search deeper for reasons ; proof and of course the evasive 'Truth'!

After all, they do say 'There is no smoke without fire!'.


There are many conspiracy theories and many of them are inter-linked and have common goals. These theories are widely believed  by many and laughed at by others, but which is right?, some have mounting evidence that just cannot be ignored.


This video documentary will explain and vouch for many of the conspiracies and UFO Disclosure reports on this site.
It is well worth watching if you have any doubts that what else you read here on this site is not real.

Just because it's a conspiracy doesn't mean it isn't true !

Credit to:  TEDx Talks / Mathew Dentith

10 Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out To Be True

Credit to: Thoughty2

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Lets land on the moon.