Withheld Technology

Our world is full of scientists and clever inventors, every day new ideas are developed, and advancements are made, yet not all of these are released for our beneficial use. Those that be are choosy as to what they inform us about, regulate what we are given and when, and normally only if it lines someone's pocket and does not damage the massive profits of others.

Yes, many technological advancements are held back, and they have been for many many years. You only have to look at the military to see that we are far more advanced than what we are being told, jets that currently filled our skies were actually on the drawing board 20 - 40 years ago. They are quick enough to push the latest upgrades in our mobile phones, our computers, televisions, cars, and even our toothpaste and hair products. Why?, because if we are persuaded to go out and buy them it makes them money.  

But what about those things that would really benefit us, make life simpler or cheaper, save the destruction of the planet where we live, or really cure our illnesses?  Technology that would benefit us financially; improve our health; or help prevent the destruction of our planet have been around for many years, but they are held back by Governments and through the greed of large commercial companies who would considerably lose out if their current sales were stopped.  Just think of the impact it would have if a cure for the common cold was found, Pharmaceutical companies worldwide would lose billions in the production of the endless cold and flu remedies they put on our shelves.  And if technology provided a new source of cheaper or even free fuel or power, just think of the losses for all the oil and petroleum industries, and also the subsidiary businesses like refinery staff, petrol stations, tanker drivers etc. 

Some Governments have purposely held back the release of advanced technology, perhaps due to the loss of income from taxation or the increase in employment it would create. These advances are drip fed to us when they can no longer hide them  away and have no choice but to admit their existence. 

Other ideas, advancements, and even the products themselves have been bought up or in some cases even sabotaged by the larger enterprises, shelved; locked away and hidden from us to protect their sales of outdated products and old technologies, the stories below will explain this further, but if you search the internet or youtube there are many examples of withheld technology.

Some inventors have been permanently silenced to protect profits of the multi-national businesses, either killed or abducted and all trace of the new design removed and destroyed. See the example on the Antigravitation page.


This video documentary will explain and vouch for many of the conspiracies and UFO Disclosure reports on this site.
It is well worth watching if you have any doubts that what else you read here on this site is not real.

Held Back Technologies

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