and Aliens

UFO does not necessarily mean Alien Life Forms or a Flying Saucer

UFO stands for 'Unidentified Flying Object', this could be anything, animal, experimental military craft, satelittes, even an effect of nature, 'Unidentified' just means we are unable to identify what is seen.
Possible explanations may exist, but at that time we have not found them.

We do tend to mostly use the term to refer to sightings of possible Extraterestrial vehicles, and of course the chances are if they are what we think, then they may well be manned by some being, be it Grey, green or Reptile looking.
I can't say for certain Aliens exist as I have never actually seen one, but I have seen many 'UFO's' 

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Along with many other people I have seen things which can not be explained, whether they are natural phenomena, the latest secret military planes or space ships we may never know.  Below are accounts of what I have witnessed over the years both in London in the 60's and 80's, and also in Wales, along with a collection of information about reports of Unidentified Flying Objects, possible landings or crashes and descriptions.

I have tried to apply logical thinking, tried to find an acceptable alternative answer, but so far have failed!.

If these craft are piloted by aliens, then why have they not made contact ?

Maybe they have seen what the human race is like?

Despite having many good points, Unfortunately the human race also has bad ones.  Man has always wanted to dominate the Earth!. Just look at the make-up of the modern day man on Earth, The in-built competitive nature, the in-built fear of the unknown, and fear of anything we are unable to tame and fully control, rule or dominate.

This has caused man to capture, cage and display anything different, we have displayed our animals as exhibitions in traveling shows and zoo's for centuries, someone somewhere has displayed everything we have ever found dead and alive, from Monkeys to Elephants, Insects and Spiders, Reptiles, and every form of Mammal,  including our own species!.

Our mentality I am afraid is that as shown in the 'King Kong' Films, a need to 
show our superiority, strength and intelligence, capture and display in a 'freak show' to show that to others, and make money from it by charging admission.

Do you not think our leaders, our military would do exactly the same to an alien ?

That's if we don't shoot them down and destroy them first !

 I for one do not blame them not landing and saying hello, I wonder how we would feel and react if our Astronaughts landing on the Moon or perhaps in the future on Mars, were met with capture and displayed in an interstellar zoo?,  or immediate destruction from another race?.

Why are we so quick to deny possible alien existence ?

Again you have to look at man's need to feel superior, we like to see ourselves as the most evolved and educated race that has ever existed, we do not like to admit that others are or can be better than us. To accept that another planet has beings that are far more advanced, have better technology, are capable of travelling the stars, means that they have to admit that we are not the 'King of the Hill'.

There is also another reason - Religion

To admit alien existence would go against everything we have been told.
For centuries we have been fed religion, stories designed to create morals, a form of rules to keep us all in check. (see section on religion)

The religious stories we were fed as children, passed down by parents and their parents in turn before them, and also via the church using the Bible (other varieties exist) telling us that on day one god made man etc., would be proved to be false.
Over the centuries the church has installed fear into the people, that to go against what they are told and to have other beliefs would mean rejection, banishment, and that to not do as they have instructed would mean you fail to go to heaven and burn in hell.
Is it no wonder so many who still have and allow religion to control their lives, reject the thought of alien beings.

Why do Governments deny their existence ?

Would it be a conspiracy to cover up past  lies ?

There are many varied trains of thought about alien visitation, some believe they have been coming here for centuries, and as a more primative culture we were unable to fully understand the science of flying or the reason they looked different, and therefore mistakingly took them to be 'Gods from the heavens'. Some people believe that they visit to try and prevent us from destroying ourselves and our planet with nuclear bombs and wars, a 'Guardian' a 'Protector' or advisor role.

There are people who believe that they have made contact with the human race, visit regularly and are secretly working alongside the Governments around the world, slowing passing on their advanced technology, but as an exchange, that in turn they can abduct limited numbers for examination and experimentation as long as they are returned afterwards. This would certainly explain our sudden burst of technological advancement over the last years, Computers / Internet / Mobile phones / Flight etc.

If this is true in any form, then the governments have denied it and kept their existence from us.
To admit it now they will have to admit they have lied in the past, and that would certainly damage our trust and faith in them.

It is thought that the Governments believed we are 'Not ready' and are 'incapable of comprehension' of alien beings visiting Earth, especially being in communication with our leaders and that we would panic if we knew the whole story . So they came up with reasons to lie about it and not to tell us what is really going on under the pretence it was 'Protecting us'.

On Sunday, October 30, 1938 the 'Columbian Broadcasting System' an American radio station broadcast 'The Mercury Theatre on the air', as a Halloween episode they played unannounced an adaption of H.G. Wells 'The War of the Worlds' narrated by Orson Wells. It was performed as if it was a radio interruption to the normal radio program, as such an important news story would even today.
Not realising this news report was part of a play, it allegedly caused mass panic, phone lines to the police were innundated with frightened listeners asking what they should do and where they should go, roads were thrown into chaos by people fleeing the area.

Maybe the Governments of the world are fearful that we will panic again if we are told the whole story and will immediately fear we are under attack and start looting the shops and stockpiling food in underground shelters.?.

 Personally I don't believe that 'visitors' would come to harm us, so far I have never seen or heard report of a suspected UFO attacking anyone, there has been no evidence of 'Ray-guns' and of mass destruction, even in so called 'Abductions' people have been returned intact . Ok there have been reports of 'experimentation' or more pedantically 'Examination', but then you can't really blame them if that is true, isn't this what we do all the time when we come across a new animal or life form?, would we not do the same to them?.

In fact if you think about it, just who would be more likely to be the Aggressor?.  I do so hope contact is somehow made within the remainder of my lifetime, but it does also worry me, unfortunately I do not have enough trust or faith in the human race, I think if they did ever land to make contact and knowing the nature of humans to be the 'Superior race' when faced with the unknown WE would be the violent element, and instead of befriending and learning from them, possibly cures for illness, and technologies that will prevent us from destroying our own planet, we would be the ones more likely to shoot them down before they arrive, or capture, dominate and display as a zoo type attraction or 'Freak Show'. 

Yes it was, No it wasn't

Strange isn't it, the US Military were the first to go on television in 1947 and tell us that a 'Flying Saucer had crashed in Roswell New Mexico.

Yet then later take it back and deny it, telling us it was a Weather Balloon. Can a senior officer in the Air Force not tell the difference?

Since then they have described everything seen as just being a 'Weather Balloon'


This video documentary will explain and vouch for many of the conspiracies and UFO Disclosure reports on this site.
It is well worth watching if you have any doubts that what else you read here on this site is not real.

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Credit to TEDx Talks / Ben Mezrich

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Credit to:  Fender200