Our present civilisation has been very 'controlled', it has been highly restricted by strict beliefs installed from its' previous generations, mainly instigated via the church through written religious material, and also by word of mouth, with the varying effects that 'Chinese whispers' have upon it.  We are frightened to veer off this set belief system, refusing to look at possible alternatives, and even with amazing advancements in science and technology and better knowledge, we still tend to refuse to believe in anything new.

It appears that if the Bible says black is white, then white it must be!.

Luckily there are a few who disregard this limiting view on life, people who are willing to explore new avenues, who find new, alternative and more correct answers and take our development a step forward.  It is time we dropped the narrow tunnel vision religion has installed upon us over the centuries, and to now start opening up our minds wider to  consider many other possibilities !


As more new things are discovered; invented and explored, it seems our past history and in fact our understanding of our evolution may not have been as we once thought!

Now I am no Quantum Physicist, I do not proclaim to have a brain like (not even close) nor the comprehension of the amazing modern day 'Thinkers' such as Stephen Hawkings or any of the other amazing scientists of our present world. Yet sometimes some very odd 'Theories' pop into my head and keep me awake, things I cant prove or disprove.  My sleep preventing thoughts and my understanding of the actual mechanics involved may seem complete gibberish to such intelligent scientists, yet to me they are a believable 'Possibility'!

The topics mentioned in the sections below are varied, they are by no means a 'Definition' nor are they currently 'Factual', they are just a collection of my thoughts and ideas and 'Out of the Box' thinking!  Maybe they are just gibberish, but then again I bet they also thought that about Ferdinand Magellan when he first said the world was not flat!

What do you think ?