Secret Bases & Hidden Places

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All over the World there are places tucked away out of sight that are 'hush hush', restricted areas, laboratories, tunnels, secret buildings, Airfields and many secret underground facilities that for one reason or other our Governments do not want us to know either of their existence or what maybe goes on inside them.

Of course not everything is 'Top Secret', some places over the years have been declassified and are now known about, others were not really a secret even in war time, but were just not widely publicised and little is known about them, and others are just everyday places we have forgotten about over the years.

Below is a collection of hidden places I became aware of, some are military bases and establishments and were once shrouded in secrecy, others were not so secret.


The options below will take you direct to details of a few places that I have become aware of. Not all really fall in to the 'Top Secret' category, although they are not widely known about.  I can't say that the places that are or once were classed as 'Secret' are really 'Spy type' establishments,
Some I can't even say what they are at all,
That's the intriguing problem !

Show us a hidden tunnel entrance into the ground, an unexplained door in the woods, and our juices flow!

Its our natural inquisitiveness and our yearning to want to know more and more that sets us aside from all other life on this planet. It was and still is our need to know what is around the next corner, in the next room, or in the next field, that has enabled us to create maps, to discover the world isn't flat, and it has made us the adventurous intrepid space explorers of today that now want to explore other planets.

 Therefore it is hardly surprising that when we are faced with something that appears 'not the everyday norm' that we want to delve deeper and fully discover it's secrets?.

The media over the years has also wet our appetites, it has intrigued us to know more about MI5, MI6, and the more covert 'Secret Service' departments. Films like James Bond have filled our minds with super- villains and end of the world scenarios, and the public want to know how near to the truth these things are.

Ufology has grown in leaps and bounds too, once generally laughed at in the past, now more and more people are believing that there maybe something up there which is visiting us, the internet has made things known on a global basis and more people are asking questions and demanding disclosure.

The days of the 'Cold War' are supposedly over, there should be no need for so much secrecy now, no need to hide airfields or missile bases, nor for secretive bases and weapons research facilities. maybe the Government forgot to send itself a memo informing them that it is now 'Peace time'. 


Of course some research does have a legitamate need to remain secret for commercial reasons, the new prototype of a manufacturers latest car, or latest computer games console etc., but these companies do not hide away their design studios or factories or deny that they exist. Governments tend to hide away, deny existence, deny knowledge of, and these places are 'hushed up' in a way or to an extent that almost makes their presence or that the activities going on inside them appear illegal or immoral. It is these places it appears that we can not be trusted to know about.


If they are researching the common cold, researching against cancer, or finding antidotes to killer diseases and illness then why not just tell us? nobody will bother about them, it is only when the Governments lie and deny existence that people become intrigued and want to delve deeper.


 Personally, I get the impression that a lot of these places are kept 'Hush hush' more as a precaution, if there is a nuclear or chemical attack then these places are reserved for the 'Privileged few'. A safe haven or survival site for those deemed to be suitably worth saving.. in other words those rich enough to pay for it !


Isn't it strange, that when we are supposed to live in a world actively promoting equality,  that when the chips are down and it comes to survival, then we are suddenly not equal at all.

Loose Talk Can Cost Lives

During the wartime years there was a need for secrecy and hiding things away, talking about what was happening at your place of work or the work you were doing could be dangerous if overheard by the wrong person and the information returned to the enemy.
Yet now even in peace time our Governments  still feel it neccessary to hide things away, is this because they are they trying to cover up illegal or immoral things they are doing and trying to hide it from us?, or covering up past lies and deception?, or do they simply not trust the people who elect them?

It's this continued secrecy or misinformation about certain places that causes us to question them, allowing the evolution of mistrust and the many conspiracy theories to develop.

Some 'Secret Bases' are not so secret anymore, The 'Freedom of Information Act', and the expiry of time limits set by the 'Official Secrets Act' have opened them up to public knowledge and sometimes access.  Post War or post 'Cold war' requirements have closed many of them down and they have been left to rot, or I would think it is more likely they have been superseded with new far more advanced establishments.

A few of these once secret buildings have been opened up to the public as a museum type feature and have guided informative tours such as the Kelvedon Hatch Secret Nuclear Bunker.  Kelvedon Hatch is similar to some of the others I have detailed in this section, but if you are thinking of visiting then more information about these wartime secret bunkers can be found by visiting the links below.