A Journey in to the Unexplained


The Montauk Project

Camp Hero State Park

But a State Park that was not accessible by the public!

Many unusual experiments were conducted during the war years, each side wanting to get one step ahead. The German's experimented with levitation and anti-gravity with the use of 'Die Glocke' (The Bell), and the American's experimented with the Manhattan Project which developed the first Nuclear weopons and was used at Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

But the US also had 'MK-Ultra', an exploration into mind control in the hope of creating programmable assasins. This was based on the Montauk Base (Camp Hero) on Long Island New York, which was decommisioned in 1981

The Montauk Project

CIA Mind Control, Time Travel, and Psychotronics

Full Documentary - (50 mins)

Time Travel and the Montauk Project.

Interview with a Controller at the Montauk Project.