We really would like to believe that our elected Governments rule the countries we live in, but the Prime Ministers, Presidents, Governers etc., are just a controlled mouthpiece, the real rulers are hidden away, not policed or monitored, untouchable and exempt from any law. For example take the President of the United States,  he was supposedly chosen to represent the country, given the no.1 poistion, the 'Man at the Top!' with full responsibility for everything related to the U.S.  But it is beleived that the US President is only the 37th level from the top of the ladder, that means even he has no control and sometimes even knowledge of the 36 layers above him.  These unseen leaders are part of a higher unknown level of Government, a higher governing body made up from those who change things to suit themselves and line their own pockets. Bodies that will create wars just to gain financially, who have no qualms about using Eugenics to reduce the population.

There have been secretive societies for generations, The Knights Templar, the Crusaders, the chain mail clad biblical soldiers who wore white overdress in the holy wars, who were allegedly assigned to take away and hide all the holy treasures including the Arc of Convenant, the Holy Grail and moses tablets, these were one of the first. We have all heard of somewhat secretive groups such as the 'Royal Antideluvian Order of Buffaloes', and the 'Masons', all with secretive handshakes and weird induction rituals and supposedly questionable sexual practices, but these are actually far from secret societies and many of their rituals are misunderstood, it is more due to the fact that they just do not publicise themselves, and they actually do quite a bit for the benefit of society.

But there are far more powerful bodies that do all they can to remain hidden from view, ones that have been around far longer and perhaps even have control over the Masons and Buffaloes. Some of these societies are:- The Illuminati, New World Order, the Bilderberg group, Ivy League, Skull and Bones and others. It is these societies we need to worry about and their world changing fanatical intents, maybe even our total destruction.

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