Disclosure of Existence

Governments & Politicians have known something for years
and they have not been telling us !!!

Now is the time for the big reveal!

The Governments and our world leaders decided as far back as 1947, over 70 years ago and maybe even before that, that we could not be trusted and we were not ready or able to accept the truth, that to know the truth would cause large scale world wide panic.

So since the now famous 'Roswell Incident' governments have taken part in an elaborate cover up to hide the truth from us.

As with all lies, eventually the truth begins to surface, slip-ups and leaks get out, and as with all liars they become unwilling to admit they ever lied in the first place, and so cover up with yet more and more lies.

It comes to a point when the lies from past governments become political and prevent the truth from being exposed.

After all, who is going to have faith in and vote for officials and governing parties that have been proved Liars ?

"UFO's, You must get your facts right, and you can't tell the people."

Baroness Margaret Thatcher
UK Prime Minister

The above comment was made by the once Prime Minister of the UK Baroness Margaret Thatcher when confronted at a charity party by Investigative Writer Georgina Bruni who questioned her on the existence of UFO's.

Over the last few years with changes in the laws of 'Freedom of Information' along with reaching expiry dates of many documents that were hidden behind the 'Official secrets Act' and their gradual release into public domain, more and more information is coming to light.

It has reached a level where the government have lost the past 'Hold' over previous Military personnel using the 'Official Secrets Act' and more and more are stepping forward to reveal their past involvement. The release of Government and Military reports that the act no longer covered raised further questions which can no longer be 'covered up' by lies or denial.

A range of governments around the world have already openly admitted existence, yet the UK and the US have continued to hold back. These governments are now on the verge of disclosing that Alien Life does exist, that what we have observed in the past was in fact real and true, and possibly that actual contact has already been made, and maybe has been for a long time.

It is believed that we are gradually being prepared for the truth, we are being given little bits of information to test our reaction and to slowly get us ready to be told the whole story! 

The UK Government has released to public view many records and reports of UFO sightings, both made by the public and by the military. However these are being released in stages, and not for one moment is it believed that "All" information has been released. We are told only what they want to tell us, Snippets of information have been released, snippets of information that they think will not frighten us into a state of panic, or make us realise that for years we have been lied to and the truth withheld.

It was widely believed the US were going to start this disclosure process, but just days before this was planned to happen the US was subject to a terrorist attack, and the tragic events of 911 put the disclosure on hold.

Is that not a little conveinient?... A good reason to delay?...

Or was it orchestrated ???

The Unheard Truth Behind Roswell’s UFOs

Disclosure Project

What is Disclosure ?

Watch the videos regarding the 'Disclosure Program'.
Listen to some of the disclosures made by noted and well respected individuals.

Then decide what you believe for yourself!

Disclosure pt 2

Disclosure pt 3

There are many videos of disclosure, to see more just search the internet.

The World's Top UFO Researchers Discuss Alien Disclosure (June, 2018)

So what exactly will they disclose ?

Firstly I think there will have to be admittance to lying and to withholding information, to put end the cover up of the past, along no doubt with many excuses that this was done for public safety. They will have to admit the truth behind Area 51 and that the Roswell Crash did in fact happen and that they do have a crashed 'Saucer' and possibly the remains of an alien life form in their possession.
Following that disclosure, they may feel we are ready for the whole truth, whatever that may be!

Some think that we are, and have for many years, already been in contact with a visiting life form, and that this contact between the aliens and our Governments may have been kept quiet. Some 'observers' (and past employees) have hinted on regular landings at the base at Groom Lake (Area 51), this maybe would explain why the US government required such a large area (575 square miles) which was prohibited from public or military view, and explain the necessity for a runway which exceeds 25,000 feet, three times longer than any other in the world.

There are many many different beliefs, predictions, suggestions, and speculation, all made because of the lack of truth and a full explanation of real facts. Some may just be fantasy and wild imagination, some maybe actually be the truth.

There is some photographic evidence, and some people who are of the belief that a 'alien race' have or have had a 'Base' on the moon. As fantastic, futuristic and very 'sci-fi' as this may sound, how are we to know any different?. The base is reported to be located on the rear (known as Dark Side of the Moon). As the Moon rotates around our planet, we only ever get to see the one side, the same face of the moon, the only humans ever to see the rear side has been the few astronauts that have flown and orbited around it. Photographs could have easily been withheld or modified to disguise this presence. It would explain the sightings made from the Shuttle and from Astronauts involved in the trips to the moon and into space to repair the Hubble Space Telescope, and from those who reside on the International Space Station. It would also explain why we have not been back there!, some say we were told not to come back!

Disclosure of previous (friendly) contact would help reduce the supposed panic that the governments originally thought might occur.

Knowing they have been in communication would help to prove that they are not 'Hostile' and therefore not a threat!

Buzz Aldrin Confirms UFO Sighting

Russian UFO Documentary The Secret KGB Files

ET Extraterrestrial Structures on the Moon - Sgt Karl Wolfe

Friends or Foes ?

There are people who see the visitation by extraterrestrial life in both ways.

The 'Friends' group believe that the visitors come in peace, that they are trying to act as 'Guardians' and preventing us from destroying our planet and ourselves, preventing internal war and assisting us with development of technology to overcome illness etc.

If they can produce craft that can travel the immense distances of space, and are able as it was reported to temporarily neutralise our defence systems and render nuclear strike missile as inoperative, then they must be more than capable of destroying us. Iit does appear that this has been done as a show of power, but perhaps more so to prevent us from destroying ourselves as a race.

There are a others who are under the belief that the Extraterrestrial Life visiting our planet are doing so in preparation to 'take over the planet' and are therefore a threat to our civilisation.

Would they not of already done so if this was the case?

I have never seen a report of any recording of an 'Attack' or initial hostile action by a visiting craft. None have purposely opened fire on our aircraft, space vehicles, ground buildings or even persons sighting them. So a few have said they have been abducted, that they were taken and 'Examined' before being returned..

Would we, do we not do the same to any life form we came across ?

Surely if they have the advanced technology to travel the immeasurable distances required amongst the planets, at tremendous speeds, defying our laws of gravity, and if as described in the full video below have in the past shut down and prevented our ability to launch nuclear missiles, then surely they have the ability or 'weapons' to protect themselves and destroy us beyond our own current means of protection. If they were planning on wiping us from the solar system and taking over the Earth then I think it would have been done way before now.

We are more likely to be the 'Aggressor', and this is what worries me.

If they have come in peace then I hope we do not follow the human trait of shooting first then asking questions later, something we tend to do to anything that is beyond our immediate comprehension, done in fear of the unknown. Humans seem to be always on the defensive, protecting their environment from any form of intrusion.

There has been little mentioned so far in anything I have read, to report that we have purposely attempted to shoot down any such craft, apart from an incident in the US. Which seems a little unbelievable when you consider any aircraft that flies in to any military areas, or that flies into areas controlled by another nation are immediately challenged and forced to land, and if they do not do so are shot down as a matter of security.

Another trait I hope we do not show, is that of the human need to captivate and display. Many of our own species on Earth have already been reduced almost extinction to if not already made extinct by our 'Show Off' mentality. We capture and then display in public in the form of 'Freak Shows or Zoos anything that is not the same as us. We have done this with our own race in the past, displayed those with deformities and disabilities, I just hope that we are not tempted into doing this with any visitor from another planet.

There seems no current reason to believe they are 'Hostile' visitors, after all our own growing 'visits' to other worlds, some now even with actual landings, to the Moon; Mars; Titian (Saturn's moon); Venus; Eros and Jupiter are not done with 'hostile' intent, they are done through exploration.

Why would alien visitors to Earth be any different?

I hope that the reasons for visitation from such a technically advanced race would be more to assess our capabilities to use wisely their superior technologies, and then to assist in us preserving the planet we seem so intent on destructing.

Maybe they do not think we are yet worthy?, and worried we would prioritise the use of advanced technology wrongly, using it as a weopon first and for the benefit of mankind second ?.

Who Knows, and For How Long ?
and are we actually in contact?

Have we already had our
'First encounter of a third kind'

Secretive program tracked UFOs for 5 years

You Cant Handle The Truth !

or that's what our Governments tell us

What is it we want to know ?

Has, and if so where, has contact been made ?

How long ago was the first visit to the planet? Who was it that had first contact ?

Who has contact now?

Is there more than one race that visits? are we in contact with them all?

Do they land elsewhere and contact the other nations?


The questions could be endless,

speculation could run far away from reality,

But Someone Knows !

and so should we !


This video documentary will explain and vouch for many of the conspiracies and UFO Disclosure reports on this site.
It is well worth watching if you have any doubts that what else you read here on this site is not real.

What if ?

Personal Thoughts

What does it make me think?, 

When did they first visit ?

The public really became aware of the possibility of extraterrestrial life and the visitation of our planet by flying saucers following the 1947 Roswell crash, this was the first information to reach the public and become general discussion.

Yet if you look back to the war years (see section 'UFO's do exist') the Germans were working on anti-gravitation and the development of 'Flying Saucers', Where did these ideas originally come from? What gave them the saucer shape design in a time when even fixed wing aircraft, rockets and jet engines were still being developed?

If you look even further back in history there are many references to visitors from space, Egyptian artefacts commonly have symbols and drawings in Hieroglyphics, but even ancient cave paintings have shown 'spacemen' and lights in the sky. Folklore is full of references to visitors and in-human forms and 'Gods from the skies'. These Hieroglyphics had clear representations of a modern day Helicopter; Submarine; Jet Airplane, and even a Spaceship! (see Not Quantum Physics / Hieroglyphics section).

There is talk that at the Groom Lake Base in the US (Area 51) UFO's have been reported on a regular basis as if running a 'shuttle service' landing at the top secret establishment. Visiting the most secure base in the world does not seem to be a good choice if trying to evade contact, not when it houses the most advanced and deadliest of our aircraft and technology.

So was this visitation expected ?

and maybe the real reason for the development of Area 51 ?

Planet Survival

We are fast running out of the fossil fuels that we rely on to provide our power, the fuel we need to run our cars; boats; planes; homes and factories, and although we are designing nuclear replacements and utilising the power of the wind and sea, these are currently not so capable of fuelling an aeroplane to cross the continents, or to transport goods far across the seas, nor drive us more than a limited distance in a personal vehicle.

It is suggested that the Governments have withheld technology of 'Broadcast Electricity'. why? maybe because they make too much from the sales of other fuels, or because the use of these fossil based fuels give a level of control and standing to the ones that mine and sell them.

It is believed that Australia is the home for the biggest experiment of this, it is explained in detail in another section but I shall explain the basics here.

The Radio waves we tune in to, and even Radiation, are forms of electricity that travels through the air. If electricity supplies could be 'Safely' transmitted without fears of illness through Radiation poisoning, then it would open the doors to its use for transportation far more than the limited capabilities of current 'Battery power' or accumulated storage as used in today's vehicles. Where our cars now have a limited mileage ability, a constant available source of electricity would allow them to travel continuously, any distance. It would also open up this form of power to Aircraft and Shipping, something which is currently impossible. It would also be able to provide a supply to rural areas or locations where cabling would prove to be costly or impossible to reach, such as deserts, the frozen poles and rural mountainous areas.

If what is said is true, then we already have the abilities to harness the use of anti-gravitational power, whether we have reversed engineered this from the captured space vehicles, been given the technology by the extraterrestrials or just developed this further after the Nazi experiments during the war as a scientific breakthrough, it has the chance of assisting us in the future, reducing our carbon imprints that are slowly destroying our planet.

And maybe, and a very important reason at that, to prevent future wars which will no doubt occur as the supplies of these fuels reach minimum amounts and each country vies to hold on to the last.

If it exists, then WHY are we being withheld this technology?

Government Controls

I am in no way qualified to describe the judicial system, Politics, or the way the Governments or countries are run, I do not have the deepest understanding or knowledge of the British system or the American systems of Government. However I was under the impression that Governments were installed by the people, and a leader is chosen by us to run such a governing body.

If this is so, then how is it possible for the 'chosen' leader, the most senior of the body concerned, to be withheld information?

How can the 'man at the top' and supposedly the one in control, be refused clearance and denied access to information & the full story?.

How does it become possible for Government initiated departments funded by the people to rise above the control of the ruling body? How can it be that 'Above Secret' organisations or departments are created by the same governments that we elect a President or Prime Minister to manage on our behalf?

I thought the whole American constitution was built around 'Freedom', 'Honesty' and Loyalty,

Yet "the freedom of speech" has often been prevented, not just in the US but the UK, if not worldwide. People are prevented from telling the 'Truth' under the guise of the 'Official Secrets Act', or it is given the convenient label 'For National Security' and withheld for the so called security and safety of the country'.

Those that know the truth then have to lie to prevent imprisonment or maybe even to continue to live.