Okay for many hundreds if not thousands of years there have been 'Soothsayers', strange individuals who walked down our streets claiming that 'The World is Nigh' and that the 'End of the world' was just around the next corner. Well so far this hasn't happened so we can only guess they were a little wrong in their predictions, but then they were not scientists, they were often influenced by religion (sometimes drugs too), and without much if any specialised or technical knowledge to base their predictions on.

But now we do have information, statistics and results, put together after much research by people who do know what they are talking about, specialists in their areas of physics, medicine, weoponary, Nuclear physics,  people who have invented things and know of the consequences that use of their products can have. These modern day 'Soothsayer's' have something that the soothsayers of old did not, Better Education and Knowledge!

We have become subject to our own advancement, and in our attempt to turn mud into gold we have released our own demons. In our race for supremacy, power and control, we have reverted back to childish behaviours, the 'If we cant have it, you cant have it' attitude, We have become willing to cut off our own nose and are ready to break it rather than see someone else with it!.  Designing weopons that will not only wipe out the 'Enemy', but wipe out ourselves and everyone we care about as well.

Are these predictions valid?, well there is certainly more evidence around now to prove that they are perhaps a true risk.

And they do say 'There is no smoke without fire!'.


Back in the late 30's and 40's a man believed that the world should only contain those with blonde hair and blue eyes,  those that were suposedly of an Arian race and a supreme being who was above everyone else. He was willing, and tried, to eradicate the world of the 'lesser mortals' leaving only his 'beautiful people'.

This man of course was Adolf Hitler,  he wasnt the first to have such views and will no doubt not be the last, and there are many groups around the world, most secret and hidden out of sight that want the same outcome, even if their criteria vary.

So Why do they believe in this need for Depoulation ?

Well I guess 'Logically' it does make sense, but that is far from saying it is right. We do have limited resources, and the ever increasing over-population has used up more of these resources than nature can replace. We are cutting down forests which are essential to the production of oxygen and removal of unwanted gases, why? its to make more room for us to build more and more houses which will then increase the number of people needing that same oxygen and producing even more unwanted gases. Thats only one reason but are you starting to get the picture?  Bear with me below and it will become clearer.


Back in the 80's a program was released for the ZX Spectrum computer, a program designed to show how computers could be used in the modelling of scientific or business scenarios. There are many other similar evaluations of the same problem, basically about 'Life's Balance and what happens throughout it when the varying apsects of it change through the life cycle. It shows that in the end a true balance must be maintained otherwise the end will result badly and be fatal for all parties concerned.    See the example below:-


Another example of the same analysis of life I used in my book based around the theory of depopulation. I explained it in the book as 'The Island of Sheep and Rats'  and it goes like this.

Imagine the world we live in as a tiny island,  on this green pastured deserted and unimhabited island our boat leaves twenty Sheep, but also from the boat twenty Rats also slip ashore.  Although they are the only life on the island for a while all goes well, the sheep graze the grass and begin to multiply, the rats at first struggle to find food but eventually a sheep dies and they too eat and begin to multiply.  All is fine as the sheeps eat the grass and as older sheep die providing food for the rats. It's balance!

But the balance often changes, sometimes there are more rats than sheep, and other times there are more sheep than rats.  But very quickly changes can cause turmoil,  if the sheep increase in numbers too much they eat all the grass faster than it can grow, once the grass is gone they all slowly begin to die of starvation. This is fine at first for the rats as they have endless food on their table, they grow rapidly in numbers as the sheep quickly diminish. Pretty soon the last sheep dies of hunger.

All is well with the rats up until this point, they are now increasingly populating the island in their thousands, but as the remains of the last sheep are devoured their supply of food is stopped. Soon they begin to die of hunger, but being rats they eat anything including themselves. The death of one becomes food for another, and they begin to kill each other just to feed. But the more rats they kill and eat the more the numbers of rats reduce. If one dead rat can feed two other rats for a week, there will eventually come a time when there are just 6 rats left.  In the first week that follows the two weakest rats are killed off providing food for the remaining four,  in the second week they again kill off the two weakest, this gives them an abundance of food but reduces them to only two.  Two weeks later they are hungry again, this time one has to kill the other to survive, the winner has food for a extra week.  Now there is only the one rat, but after a while the hunger once again returns, and with nothing else to survive on he too slowly dies of starvation.

The sheep have all gone, the rats are all gone.

All that remains is the island full of luscious grass that now grows abundantly !

Can you see from the story the relevance of balance upon earth ?

The rats and the sheep relate to the many races / species on earth, and the grass to the resources that our planet provides.

It is this scenario that these 'Arian chasers' want,  they want to remove the rats and control the numbers of themselves, the sheep!

So you can see that 'Logically' they are right as depopulation is the only way to apparently ensure survival,  or our total elimintion the only way the planet will survive and flourish.  yet 'Morally' they are wrong on so many levels. 

Why are sheep more entitled to live than the rats?, and who choses which of those sheep to cull ? 

This is the dilemna !


I definitely do not have the answer, in fact I do not think anyone alive has the right answer to that problem!

But there are still factions within our societies who believe that 'Culling' the population is necessary and is the only answer, and that they have the right to take this matter into their own hands, even planning such a cull of the human race. Some of these are driven by Religion, some by finance, others just by pure greed. Some are actively planning and intent on making it happen, others are just taking a more back seat approach and going along with things as it financially suits them to do so. Politicians and world leaders craving power and supremacy, Big companies that make products that are dangerous to us, Pharmacutical companies that withhold technological advancement so they can push unecessary products, and industries who drain the earth of its resources and put us all at risk in order to sell their products to us just to make them money, and of course the fanatical groups, religious groups, and a few odd individuals who still have that 'Hitler' like mentality. All are pushing for that same outcome, a reduction of 90% of the earth's population keeping the 'superior 10%' to live on.

So why has it not happened yet ?

I personally think the answer to that is 'Greed'.  To them it must be a 'Catch 22' situation, they have that need to reduce the worlds population by 90%, yet to do so would take away the financial gain they are making from that 90%.

Those developing these 'Advancements' in our technologies fill us with promises that it will benefit us,  well yes they may make our daily lives easier in the short term, but what about the long term effects?. The only ones really benefitting are those who are selling the products to us over and over again and making a huge financial gain. They don't worry about our health, care about us, or for the planet, they just go on making the most of it and accumulating wealth until we die and can no longer buy their goods.

In the information below, I try to highlight some of the modern day theories. Now I am not saying they are 100% true, and I do not wish to scaremonger and frighten everyone that reads this site, after all there are always two sides to every story, but is the side we are being told the whole story?.... NO!


And who is behind it ?


Why not let us do it to ourselves?, give us and create the need for us to use technology that will gradually kill us!
(See also the seperate 5g and Cell Phone Conspiracy section)

Many recent scientific studies now show that the 1998 ICNIRP safety guidelines on radiation exposure are out of date and that there are now many independent scientific studies showing biological damage to both humans and the environment. There is NOT ONE safety study to say that this new technology is safe and Lloyds of London won’t cover for any EMF damage, as they've read the research. Over 230 scientists have now signed the ‘International EMF Scientist Appeal” asking for a halt to 5G until safety tests have been conducted. There was a debate on 'Health related effects of electromagnetic fields and 5G' in parliament on the 25th June when many MP's raised their concerns about 5G. But with the industry's millions of pounds of lobbying budget, all you will hear is how wonderful 5G will be, a lot of money is to be made for them once this is rolled out, but at what cost?

Credit to: BobBaker. Somerset Live


5g Electro Magnetical Emmisions

Credit to:  Kiri Taurima

Our health over manufacturers profits ?

From the very start there were worries about the radiation emitted from mobile phones, but there was very little research results available at the start and much speculation was just guess work, because the risks were not officially confirmed and backed up by accurate scientific results, we put our fears of the risks aside and we waited, we became complacent about our initial fears and continued to use the devices. Now 20 years on we have become accustomed to and even dependant on their use, now the intense research has been done, the results have been found, but have those results been made general knowledge ? have the device manufacturers revealed the results and are we clearly told of the risks ?

NO !

The manufacturers are not interested in our health, nor if their product causes illness or damage, they try to hide away the truth in small print written in gobbledegook so that they can continue to profit from sales, the information is included in their phones only because it is insisted by law that they display it, but it is hidden so deep in its depths that we struggle to find their warnings even if we are aware that they exist and then try to find them.

5G: Genocide & The great culling - Depopulation: A plan to access Natural health care

Credit to:  Alfred Lambremont Webre

Banksters vs. Slaves & 5G Depopulation Agenda

A long video that discusses many topics, but the most relevant can be found at 1:20:58

Credit to:  Mads Palsvig -  Age of Truth TV



There are various conspiracy theories about governments purposely poisoning us, for mind control, and for depopulation.

These range from adding chemicals into our water supplies, allowing us to be exposed to radiation as through the 5G and Cell technolgies mentioned above, or by spraying us with chemicals and agents from aeroplanes.


Credit to:  David Icke


My ebooks shown below are fictional stories, they are not generating conspiracy theories but are written around well known conspiracies of Sacrificial Human Depopultaion


An engineer accidently overhears a conversation and hears about a forthcoming tradegy, he wants to inform the authorities but who will believe him. He doesn't need to find those who are going to create the tradegy, they soon come looking for him, intent on removing the risk of exposure they murder most of his family.  The one left escapes and meeting a former soldier begins a quest to search out those responsible and bring them to justice. Caught in a trap they can't just ignore it as to do so would not only lead to their death but millions of others, they end up
playing a dangerous swing and roundabouts game with this 'secret society' often with them losing more lives. 


After a gap of many years hiding away in the Australian desert they become aware the 'Sect' is still very much alive, not only that but are right on their very doorstep, planning the next stage of their plans to depopulate the planet. Once again they are forced to attempt to challenge them to save the lives of millions, but without the backing of a government, its military or its policing forces they have to act alone, again often losing those closest to them as they try to avoid being found but fighting for survival.