and Aliens

Mistaken Idendity

Not all 'UFO's' are visitors from other worlds, we seem to immediately link the word UFO with Aliens and little Green Men, but the term is used to describe any object that has not been properly identified at that time, whether this be a machine as in some form of aircraft, of animal origin, or act of nature.. 

Sometimes even known items such as Aeroplanes, Helicopters, Clouds even flocks of geese can be mistaken for something out of this world if viewed from a different angle or in a different light.


The Nations around the world will always be designing and testing new aircraft, both for Military and Civilian use, at times these are going to be accidently spotted by the general public and mistakenly tagged with the label of UFO.


We will also have the purposely made efforts by the Government to deceive and divert attention away from these military developments.

The increased use across the globe of 'Chinese Lanterns' and release of man-made balloons to mark celebrations has increased mistaken identification, along with more recently the now widespread of non-military recreational use Drones.

Advancement in cameras & video editing software has created abundant fake images, jerky unclear and poorly focused video now makes everything in the skies look like a UFO.


In this section I will assemble some photographs and information about objects that will almost definitely ignite belief they are visiting aliens if they are spotted by someone who has no knowledge of them.


There is some belief that we or at least someone flew many centuries ago. There is much recorded texts and drawings of Virmana's.
Some believed these to be 'Chariots of the Gods', flying platforms resembling everything from chariots to castles. However to those who believe that alien races have visited here in the past, these ancient civilisations would not of understood the principles of flight, and therefore could of easily mistaken their craft as being Gods.

Vimana: Ancient Flying Machines Chariot of the Gods

Credit to:   Edward Batton


What are Virmana's ?

Credit to:  nightwof


Credit to:  Christine Farabaugh

History of Virmana's


A brief history of Airships

In 1852 the French engineer Henri Giffard made the first engine-powered flight in a steam-powered airship. A year later the American Dr Solomon Andrews created the first lighter than air airship. He flew one over New York city in 1865.

The first fully controllable airship flight was made in 1884. The 170ft airship La France covered 5miles in 23 minutes with an electric motor.

The first Zeppelin was launched in 1900. These had a rigid skeleton and passenger compartment. During WWI the Germans, French and Italians operated airships but they were abandoned by 1917 due to unreliability.

Britain developed the R33 and R34 rigid airships, which flew from 1919. The R34 was the first to make an east to west Atlantic crossing.

In 1929 the LZ 127 Graf Zeppelin made the first round the world flight. The British journalist Grace Marguerite, Lady Hay Drummond-Hay was on board and became the first woman to circumnavigate the world by air.

The Story of Airships - Full Documentary

Airships were poorly equipped to deal with adverse weather and crashes and fatalities were common. By the mid-1930s Germany was the only country pursuing airships. The Hindenburg disaster in 1937, which killed 37 people was the death of Airships for many years

The U.S used airships during WW2 for military purposes but post-war they have mainly been restricted to advertising.

Modern Day Airships

They are making a comeback!

Airships, Blimps, Hot Air Balloons, even clouds have all been mistakenly identified as UFO's at some point in time, many have been photographed in the belief that it is an alien vessel.


Just imagine the awe of people over 158 years ago to see this big shape fly over head, come to that even now we would look up at it. What would it have looked like from a distance ?.    

Guaranteed to turn a few heads and spark off some UFO sightings.


There has been many attempts over the years to utilise Airships as modes of transportation, but the speed of modern transport planes have always triumphed over the slower moving Airships.  But our current limited supply of natural fuel resources and the devastation the use of these are causing to our planet, are now pushing us to find new transportation alternatives, and possibly the return of the Airship.

The Bullet

The pioneering Bullet 580 Airship is 235 feet long and 65 feet in diameter. The ship can lift payloads of 2,000lbs up to 20,000 feet in the air and can travel at 35 mph.

The ability to carry 1 Ton of cargo at 35 miles per hour will not ruin the road based Haulage industries overnight, some modern lorries can carry over 40 times that at double the speed.
Loading and offloading would also be a problem especially in highly populated city areas which are full of high buildings and power lines, even if these did not exist then suitably sized landing areas would be hard to find.  

Iinflated inside the Garret Coliseum in Alabama - one of the few facilities large enough to host the ship, it took the developers just over six hours to inflate.

Far safer than the old Airships


Credit to:  BBC Click

Lockheed Martin

Credit to: Lockheed Martin

AEROSCRAFT World's Most Advanced AIRSHIP

Credit to CARJAM TV

The Freighter

CDR Salamander in Military Role

It's Thunderbirds !

To me, and no doubt for those brought up in my generation, the Salamander seems very reminiscent of 'Thunderbird 2'.

A Ride on the Goodyear Blimp

Credit to:  WKSU

Hot Air Balloons

It is easy to see how a Weather Balloon can be visually mistaken from a distance as a UFO

Modern Hot Air Balloons are made in such a variety of shapes and sizes to advertise a variety of products and services, a specialist Balloon company Lindstrand Hot Air Balloons based in Oswestry not far from me who were the makers of the "Virgin Atlantic Flyer" Balloon that was flown by Richard Branson, Per Lindstrand & Steve Fossett make Balloons to order, whether it be in the shape of a Coffee Jar, Castle, or Elephant.

Not surprising that these weird shapes could be an explanation for some 'Sightings'.

What about some of these ?

I wonder how many have said after seeing these... "I'm never drinking again!"

And if that wasn't enough, now we also have Drones