Hieroglyphics & Pictograms

Pictograms were the earliest form of writing known to man, they have been used by a variety of cultures over the many centuries all around the world. Although mostly individual and the same way spoken language defines each separate culture, there are many which have a common theme or similarity.

Even today pictograms are used, and most of us are unaware that we even use them at all, Smiley's and icons are common place on our modern phones and technology, you most probably used one to start this program on your computer, but they are also used on clothing and many household items, maps, weather charts, direction boards, even on road signs, road crossings and traffic lights. You read a pictogram every time you enter a public toilet to distinguish between the men's and the ladies!

There are also other forms of pictogram used as a method of language for those unable to speak, (BSL - Sign Language) or flash cards used to assist those with learning disabilities and Autism.

This graphical language makes it possible for those of different cultures and spoken languages to communicate or at least have a understanding if visiting different countries etc, although there is no defined 'Universal' worldwide pictogram set, the clue is normally in the picture and can be easily understood!

A few things to think about!  

Pictograms can be found on many ancient buildings and artefacts around the world, for example take a look at the pictures on the Abydos Wall Plaque below.

The Abydos wall plaques

We may not be able to instantly understand all it's meanings, but we do recognise the pictograms it contains.

So since when did Egyptians Ancient Greeks, or other prior races before them, have Helicopters; Planes; Submarines; Spaceships?

Davinci thought of flying machines many centuries later, yet his designs were still not that resembling of a modern day Apache Helicopter.

The question it leaves is an eye opener,

Just how can an ancient carved pictogram exist that shows items of modern day technology? 

Have we been here to this level of development before and somehow lost it?

Did we reach a similar time in our development and did something to erase it, such as a nuclear war?

Have we been visited in the past by another more advanced  race who have given us this technology before?

Or is time travel not just fiction, and either someone from the past has come forward and seen us how we are today, or someone from today gone back and tried to tell those in the past what today is like?

What other explanations are there ?

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My out of the box thinking...

My 'Out of the box' theory regarding Hieroglyphics or pictograms, is more to do with the actual meaning of one in particular.

  This symbol is also not just a pictogram, but used widely across civilisations and used to decorate caves, pyramids, temples and other artefacts, which have been previously been read as being reference to the 'Sun Gods'.

We all know from our childhood that the Moon has a 'face', and any child drawing it always draws the face on it to distinguish it from other planets. Similarly when drawing the Sun we often draw the 'flames' around the outside. I expect this has been done from when man first worked out how to draw, and is done across the world. creating pictograms of 'The Man in the Moon' or fiery Sun.

But could it be, that all those ancient drawings; pictograms; hieroglyphics etc that show 'Sun Gods' as above, are not always trying to define a person or a 'God', but instead actually trying to put across a specific time?

Could the pictogram really mean 'Eclipse'?

During times of total eclipse, the centre of the Sun maybe obscured from view by the moons body, yet the glow or corona or solar flares from the sun can show around the outside. So could it not be that these interpretations of 'Sun Gods' are actually representations of a time, the moon with its face that is in total eclipse of the fiery Sun behind it ?

How would this make any difference to us?

The Pyramids have possibly been around far longer than we originally thought, they may not even be Burial sites we originally took them to be, something I intend to explore in another section on here later. We know they were built lined up to match certain stars, but why?

Maybe my thoughts could change the way we see them,

or more specifically the 'Time' we look at them!

Just maybe this alignment was meant to be viewed at a certain time

During the Eclipse ?