My thoughts on the purpose of Religion, and about some of its artefacts.

These are my own thoughts and interpretations, they are not meant to insult others beliefs.

I personally do not believe in God or religion, but I am aware there are people who do passionately.

 I understand that some people need to believe in something, and religion is what they choose. I do not wish to upset them, some have reasons for believing, lack of security in life, loneliness, fear, all can create a need for something 'Structured' or 'Set' to believe in.

But I do believe that religion has 'Brainwashed' us, and made some of us to be so narrow minded that we are unable to consider other options or believe different views, even when new evidence or scientific proof is presented.

Beliefs have been passed down by previous generations, sometimes even forced upon us, trying to install fear of consequences if we do not follow the set line.

The human race has in the past been strictly controlled in thought by the use of religion, and they now fear any change of understanding, or allow themselves to consider new ideas that may change those beliefs.

So Why Do We Have Religion ?

Humans need rules. We have them at home, at school, and at work, they are what keep us safe.

Wherever there are groups of people, Rules are made.  

Rules stop us from doing damage to others, stop people from taking our property, protect our families and children.

From the playground to the workplace, there has always been Leaders and followers, Dominant's and submissive's, even in the days of cavemen the strongest took the lead, and at some point during our evolution those more dominant have decided they needed to be in charge and to lead, to make the others submissive and to ensure they followed them and did as they say.

Before we had Police forces, Courts, Prisons, Human Rights or EU Laws, we needed a structured set of moral rules to abide by, this I believe is how early religion formed. It was not commands passed down by a God on stone tablets, it was just common sense that found its way into written form, a 'List of Rules'. They then used elaborate stories to explain each rule's concept and principles, and to create a set morals, and this became what we know as the Bible.

Just look at the 10 commandments

I am the lord thy God, thou shall not have any strange gods before me.

Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain.”

Honor thy father and mother.

This is just like saying:- "We are the Law, listen to us and do not go against what we say.

Thou shalt not kill

Thou shalt not commit adultery

Thou shalt not steal

Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s wife

Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s goods

Isn't this someone trying to protect what they have?


Maybe one of these leaders got a little fed up coming home from his hunting to find his nearest neighbour had taken away the woman he had made his partner, and that he had taken the food he had collected the previous day, and maybe he was worried the neighbour would kill him to get what he wanted.

So the stronger got together and made a list that everyone had to follow, and are still following to this day.

The Leaders became the clergy policing their ideas, and the church became the court house and the jury.

Maybe there is an alternative explanation.

There are many varying ideas about religion, and many varied beliefs, some believe that it was aliens who set the rules.

Many believe that we once had visitors to our planet, some believe they were 'Guardians', who came here to make sure we did not ruin our planet and become extinct, or maybe just to give us a nudge in the right direction and promote our development through use of new methods, skills and technology.

Others believe they originally came to enslave us, to make us mine for the minerals they needed, hence the deep cavens and the deserted underground cities found recently . Maybe these visitors established 'Rules', and assisted in the creation of 'Religion' as a 'Motivational tool' as used in today's world in business. Maybe it was a form of 'Do's & Don'ts designed to keep us in check and stop us from wiping each other out. A form of early 'Law'... to stop us killing each other, or taking what wasn't ours etc.


If we were visited before by an advanced civilisation from somewhere out there in space, it throws 'Religion' as we know it into turmoil, irrespective of the religion or the culture. There are many varying religions around the world, all with their own structure and beliefs, their own Gods, and their own account of our past, but some overlap, and there are certain similarities in some of their ideas or descriptions. Each religion continued in the form of written accounts (Bible's), which were re-written many times, each time slightly altered and elaborated in the same way we change the content of verbal messages in the game of 'Chinese Whispers'. These were all written in the days when our languages were far more basic, understanding of what was seen would have been very hard to describe, as actual words to describe what they might of seen did not even exist.

If we were to travel back in time to these early civilisations now, to them our Language; Photographs; Maps; Tools, Transport; Computers; Mobile Phones and other technology, our ability to fly through the skies and our description of everyday life, would to them make us appear as 'Gods from the heavens'.

To a less advanced civilisation, the visitation from an advanced life form, especially if they appeared physically different to us, would have been described in a totally different way to that of today. They had no conception of 'Aliens' and would of believed them to be Gods, but if a spaceship was to land on Earth in present times, we would not believe them to be Gods, but instead call them Aliens! 

Many religious recordings mention similar accounts of Gods resembling Animals, they also mention them 'Flying' and coming from the heavens. Maybe these visitors at the time were different to us, resembling more in looks to our known animals, Goats, Cats, even reptiles, after all the snake and other reptilian forms are constantly mentioned in religious texts and drawings, as are those depicting horned heads, or being part animal and part human.

If we believe in life forms from other planets, then we can not be narrow minded in the belief they all are the typical small 'Grey' form with large eyes that we are more used to using to describe them today, and which has been promoted by the media. As we as a human species vary in colour and looks, they too could have no end of variations, and maybe not always in humanoid form as we expect.

To understand all I try to discuss here, it is suggested that you first read my sections on the Pyramids and Hieroglyphics , as these sections cross over and often have recurring themes.

Religious Artefacts

Over the centuries and generations, many items have been both found and preserved, believed to be religious artefacts from the past. But many depicted in paintings and in written historical accounts (e.g. bible) have never been located.

Mankind has made intense explorations to discover their whereabouts and discover the secrets held by these, they have searched and plundered, taken and stolen, in the belief that possession of these would give immense power to an individual or race. During the war years the German Nazi's scoured Egypt and other countries, searching for artefacts mentioned in the Bibles and religious recordings of many civilisations, hoping to find the ultimate power, the weapon that would win them the war. Top of their search list was the items known as the the 'Holy Grail' and the 'Arc of the Covenant' which was believed to hold immense power.

The Holy Grail varied in description, to some it is a Cup or 'Chalice', a Goblet used by Jesus,. others believe it to be a plate or dish or even just a stone. To some (as seen in the film / book 'The Davinci Code') it was believed to be a person, (sometimes Mary Magdaline) or a direct blood descendant of Jesus.

So what was the Arc of the Covenant ?

A typical religious image of the Arc of Covenant .
Did it hold immense power ?

The Arc of Covenant as described in the Bible is a Chest containing the tablets of stone defining the Ten Commandments

Whenever it was carried or moved, it was evidently always covered well in thick skins and a blue cloth, stopping others viewing it, even the view of those priests who carried it. Those who touched it or were close to it often became fatally ill, their skin deforming into weal's and looking burnt, with intense sickness and delirium.

If you look back to the section on the Pyramids, this casket; chest; box or however else you could describe this container, has more than a resemblance to the so called 'Tomb' found in the Great Pyramid. A box of unbelievable geometry with perfect angles and ultra smooth surfaces which seemed impossible for the skills and tools available at the time. The Tomb matches the size and shape of the Arc and not only that, but the 'pyramids' that have been raided or explored in the past also came with stories of intense sickness and rapid death after making contact.

Now obvious to us as Radiation poisoning, to the people of the time who had no understanding of Radiation, it was described as 'God's will' or punishment, a way to attempt to understand and describe the effects it caused.

Maybe the belief of it holding 'Immense Power' came from its real original use?

The sections on Pyramids and the videos included on it, describe in detail how the Great Pyramid could have been a power source creating intense radiation. The box shaped 'Tomb' found in the Pyramid did not contain remnants of any body, God, human, animal or otherwise. So maybe it held what is now known as the Arc of Covenant which was a container for the Hydrated Zinc or Hydrochloric acid?. Or maybe the 'Arc of Covenant' was itself a battery, a storage of energy, emitting intense radiation which was carried to where needed. This would certainly explain the radiation style sickness those close to it experienced, and to why the 'Arc' was covered in thick cloths when moved.

If it produced or help to produce Hydrogen gas which enabled flight, or powerful microwave energy the use we are not yet fully aware of, then to those of the time this indeed would be a 'Immense Godlike Power' !

Pyramids True Purpose

Of course some of this is still speculation, and those who still strongly believe in religion will strongly deny it.

To accept belief of extra terrestrial visitors, advanced civilisations etc, would crush their beliefs in their Gods. It would equate to them in theory calling their predecessors, relations and previous leaders liars. it would take away all they thought they knew and understood.

Religion like some Governments have hidden the truth by hiding facts, a "You will do as I say!" attitude, keeping mankind from veering off of 'Set' ideas or behaviours, off of set paths. It has forced beliefs by simply saying 'I am right, so you will believe me and obey me!'

It has even used threat to make this happen, those who dared to have any belief of their own that did not match the 'views' that were set, were often executed. Mankind has been forced to follow suit for generations, not allowed to have ideas and views of their own, and those that did were prevented from advancement, even called 'insane' or labelled as 'Witches'. and been murdered to stop disruption!

But at last Religion is losing its vice like grip and control

Progression and the development of the human race is no longer so tightly controlled by religion. We are now concentrating less on old beliefs, sociological discipline and habitual routines. The Church has been forced to change to accept modern ways and ideas and to allow new choices of lifestyle. It has been forced to agree to equality and allow women to do what was in the past male dominated roles, and has only recently been forced to accept those in the LGBT community, even those in its own ranks. If alien existence is ever proved, then it will have to change even further, opening up and admitting all was not how we were taught.

The role of the Church is slowly changing from a teaching organization installing the old beliefs set out for us, to more of a support organization or role, Helping those in need as a 'Samaritan' or as a 'Counselling service'. Perhaps now the narrow mindedness will go, and we will start to widen our interpretation, expand our 'Out of the box' thinking, look for alternatives, and accept any new findings!