When we think of Pyramids we immediately think of those in Egypt, but Pyramids have been found in China, Peru, Russia, South America, in fact the world over.
Similar shapes have also been spotted not just on Earth, but on the Moon, Mars, Venus, and many of the orbiting moons.

The Great Pyramid - Egypt

Mayan Pyramid Temple

There are many theories as to how they were built, the latest being that they were built from the inside out using a spiral ramp system, evidence of the ramps have been found in the stonework, but it is still not a decisive answer. Due to the immense size, especially of the blocks used to build them, modern techniques and building technology would still not be able to build them with such precision.


The pyramids are closely connected with the stars, especially those of Orion. Location and positioning match the Orion constellation.

We originally believed they were burial temples, yet this may not be the case, recent studies now give rise to the understanding they were built way before the Egyptians. If they were in existence before the Egyptian Kings, then they have only been made use of for this purpose, after their original use had expired.

So if the Pyramids were not burial temples, what could they have been? and who built them?

There exists many speculations about both of these questions, further down below are a few videos that will show you a whole new perspective to the traditional view.

The Mesopotamians are believed to be the oldest civilisation, but there were also the Inca's, Aztec's, Mayan's, Egyptians, Indus, Persians, Ancient Greeks and the Chinese.

So If the Pyramids were built before the Egyptians, then who could of built them?.

 The 'Atlantians' were supposed to be an advanced race, yet did they really have the technology to move stones in excess of 30 tonnes. Atlantis has never been found but recent thoughts are that is now believed to have been just off of South America, so how did the Atlantian's get to Egypt ?

There are some that believe that the earth was used before humans arrived to inhabit it. Maybe the planet was originally run by an advanced race, wiped out either through natural disaster, or maybe the same as us they 'Burnt out' the planet and either suffered the consequences to the point of extinction, or even maybe left the Earth in search of a new home.

If modern advances in technology and building methods still can not effectively reproduce the pyramids and its' accuracy in its build, then how would a earlier human race have done so?. UNLESS they had the help or guidance from a much more advanced race.

The positioning of the Pyramids and Obelisks around the world have specific co-ordinates and alignments in relation to the star system, why would our predecessors have a need to do this?.  Come to that why would we even build something so immense, so intricate, so exact, and so difficult?.  If we built a burial temple then surely it would of been smaller and within the capabilities of the builder. You only have to look at the various Mausoleums scattered around the world, which although still intricate and complex, are still within the building capabilities of man. Even now in the modern world, we build graves and burial chambers, and although they may still all face a certain compass direction, we do not go to the extremes of aligning them with star systems.

So is there any proof of a more advanced race?

To look for clues to the existence of a prior advanced race, whether terrestrial or extra-terrestrial, lets return back to Hieroglyphics of earlier civilisations and the graphical picture language they used.

When we draw, we use what we have previously seen and try to reproduce it, you would not be able to draw a 'Widget' if you had not previously been shown what a widget looked like.

In the days of old there was no need for road signs showing speed limits like we have today, the roads were not that full of Horse and carts. But we could expect to see pictograms showing animal life; humans; tools; food; housing; body parts etc. Descriptions of the things that were around at that particular time.

The Abydos wall plaques

Now take another more closer inspection of the Wall Plaque shown above.

Since when did Egyptians or other races before them, have Helicopters; Planes; Submarines or Spaceships?

Leonardo Davinci thought of flying machines centuries later, yet even his designs did not resemble modern day Apache Helicopters.

Makes you think..... Was time travel possible in the past? Or had the Earth reached and exceeded our current level of technology once before and then done something so bad it wiped itself out ?

So what could the Pyramids have been used for?

Above are diagrams of the internal chambers of the Great Pyramid in Egypt. Now if this was going to be a burial chamber, why build such a complex system of tunnels and chambers? Why not just one internal chamber, or side by side rooms? Why the need to tunnel deep beneath the surface? And for such small chambers why such a large overall structure?
Also why does a 'Tomb' require ventilation shafts? Ok during construction the builders would of needed to breathe, but why are they so precisely angled, set to point in relation to star systems? And how come if it was a 'Tomb', no bodies have ever been found there?

Pyramid Power Source

Scientists have studied the internal layout of the Great Pyramid at Giza to the best of their abilities, exploring even deeper into the tunnel system with x-ray machines and small remote control exploration robots finding even more.
It is believed the Pyramid could of actually been a giant power source, a type of battery, used to create a power source of microwave energy that would of lasted hundreds of years.

So did Ancient Egypt had wireless electricity ?

Great Pyramid

Mixing Hydrochloric Acid and Hydrated Zinc into the lower chambers would of produced Hydrogen which would rise up the intricate shaft system to the larger Kings Chamber.

The ascending chamber has 27 grooves cut into it, the exact number required, and if these had held the equivalent of 'Helmholtz Resonators' they would have vibrated (resonated) as the Hydrogen gas passed upwards, creating a powerful Microwave, which would then be emitted through what we originally took to be ventilation shafts.

The precise angle of these 'shafts' would of sent precise beams of intense microwave energy into space and to the stars.

But Why ?

Microwaves have many uses, we immediately think of them as a heat source for cooking, yet we also commonly use them to transmit sources of communication. The modern day radio networks used by the Military; Police; Ambulance and Fire services all use microwaves.

 why would microwaves be broadcast into space ?

If the generated power was not meant to be used to power and light the homes of Egypt then what was it used for?

Possibly as a form of interplanetary communication, or as a guidance beacon ?

or maybe even as a fuel source ?

Our ancient past may have included flying machines, 'Virmana's' have been recorded in a variety of different past civilisations and cultures, described as flying castles or Chariots and transport of the gods. Maybe these used this Hydrogen in a similar way as we used it in the Zeppelin Airships ? or were they far more advanced than that and using electricity or microwave energy ?

Were they actually from our past civilisations ?

Or could they have been made by visitors from other planets, using machines that needed some form of electrical power, and the Pyramids were built and used to provide it ? Beaming the energy into space to waiting ships?

Maybe the Pyramids were some form of recharging device for spaceships.

An Interplanetary Petrol Station for UFO's ???

Would that explain the eerie glow seen from space ?

Pyramids True Purpose 

The Great Pyramid At Giza Is A Wireless Power Plant

Ancient Egypt Discoveries 

THIS Will CHANGE Everything You KNOW

If the Pyramids were Batteries or Electricity Generators then it might help solve another question.

Religious media and teachings described two items which man has searched for for centuries, in fact Adolf Hitler sent many troops to Egypt and the Holy Lands to search for them, looking for one of them in particular, as he believed it contained immense power and would help him win the war.

The 'Holy Grail'... This was believed to be a cup or Chalice, a goblet used by Jesus. Others though believe it was a plate or a dish, and some believed it to have another meaning, and believed it was a person, in particular Mary Magdaline, or a direct descendant of Jesus.

The 'Arc of Covenant'... The Arc of Covenant as described in the Bible is a Chest containing the tablets of stone defining the Ten Commandments .  Whenever it was carried or moved, it was evidently always covered well in thick skins and a blue cloth, stopping others viewing it, even the view of those priests who carried it. Those who touched it or were close to it often became fatally ill, their skin deforming into weal's and looking burnt, with intense sickness and delirium.

a typical religious image of the Arc of Covenant.

Did it hold immense power ?

If you look back to the section on the Pyramids, this casket; chest; box or however else you could describe this container, has more than a resemblance to the so called 'Tomb' found in the Great Pyramid. A box of unbelievable geometry with perfect angles and ultra smooth surfaces which seemed impossible for the skills and tools available at the time. The Tomb matches the size and shape of the Arc and not only that, but the 'pyramids' that have been raided or explored in the past also came with stories of a 'Curse' giving intense sickness and rapid death after contact. 

Now obvious to us as being Radiation poisoning, to the people of the time who had no understanding of Radiation, it was described as 'God's will' or punishment, a way to attempt to understand and describe the effects that contact with it gave.

Maybe the belief of it holding 'Immense Power' came from its real original use?


The section on Pyramids and the video included on it, describe how the Great Pyramid could have been a power source creating radiation. The box shaped 'Tomb' found in the Pyramid did not contain remnants of any body, God, human, animal or otherwise. Maybe it held what is now known as the 'Arc of Covenant', which was a container for the Hydrated Zinc or Hydrochloric acid?.

Or maybe the 'Arc of Covenant' was itself a battery, a storage of immense energy, emitting intense radiation. This would then explain the radiation style sickness that those who got close to it experienced. A battery that could be carried to where it was needed, maybe not as ornate as it is described in religious texts or paintings, stories over time get embellished, so maybe it was made of lead and not gold covered wood, and maybe there was more than one of them ?

If it produced or help to produce Hydrogen gas which then enabled flight, or powerful microwave energy the use we are not yet fully aware of, then to those of the time this indeed would be a 'Immense Godlike Power' !

Arc of Covenant

Arc of Covenant

Arc of Covenant

Arc of Covenant