Withheld Technology

Free Energy

As they say, "Nothing in this world is free!"

And that is the way it will be when it comes to power.

Whatever power source we may use in the future, and by whatever means it is distributed to our appliances, wirelessly or by traditional cable, there will always be the costs of producing the power itself and the fitting and maintaining of the systems infrastructure, and the costs of these will always be passed on to the consumer.

But where we get our power and the way it is produced may change. 

Solar power, Wind energy, Wave energy, Tidal energy, Hydro power, Geo-thermal energy, they all seem so slow in becomming the main power generating sources.  But why?

Surely with our advancements in technology and our need to break away from fosssil based fuels our scientists can develop something that is more efficient.

Yes we fight against placing huge wind turbines on picturesque hillsides, but then those that already exist are far from being an effective source of replacement power, the hillsides around me have them scattered about yet a lot of the time the remain stationary because they can not be operated in strong winds.  What do you expect from  the top of Welsh mountains and hills ?

Solar panels are effective, but not at night, and less so in overcast conditions. They also take up a lot of physical room.

Wave power is logically the more effective, after all there is always waves and they continue night and day, they can also be placed off the shoreline out of shipping lanes and out of sight so not upsetting anyone's views. It may not be 'Free to use' for consumers, but it uses no unreplaceable resources and creates far less emissions,  and needs far less in the form of refinineries.

Could it be we already have suitable technology for this, but it is being held back by the big suppliers of fuels and power as it will damage their immense profits?

Look at the videos below and see for yourself.

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