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Living Dinosaurs ?

Do Dinosaurs still roam our planet ?

We still live alongside Dinosaurs or at least variants of them. Crocodiles and Alligators, Sharks, Whales, Birds, Lizards, Elephants and even our Horses although not classified as 'Dinosaurs' themselves are all descendents of similar creatures that lived in various forms when the Dinosaurs roamed the Earth.


But are there still real Dinosaurs walking the Earth? 

Remember:  We can not prove a 'negative', only prove a positive !

This means we can not prove something does not, or has never existed, we can only prove that something does exist or has previously existed through presence of actual evidence.

Across the world various sightings of 'Dinosaur like' creatures appear, occasionally bones are found or even creatures are captured, these normally turn out to be known creatures but with deformities or which have suffered injury or illness. But there are still many reports of so far non-captured creatures that could yet still prove existence.


In the seas there has been sightings of strange sea serpents since man evolved, all resembling Dinosaur like creatures such as the Plesiosaur. Many strange creatures have on occasions been washed ashore that have not been able to be fully identified.

There has also been real evidence of prehistoric type fish that still swim our seas today such as Oarfish and Dragon Shark.

(see sections on the Loch Ness Monster and Creatures of the deep for more information)

DRAGONS - Fact or Fantasy ?

What have Dragons to do with Dinosaurs?

Firstly we have to ask ourselves did they ever exist?, or were they just a figment of imagination?

Dragons were described in all cultures and civilisations, every land on the planet has folklore regarding dragons, from Wales to China, each culture has described the same creature, even drawn similar looking creatures. How can such distant people who never met produce the same result from using only their imagination?.


Maybe the Dragon as we have come to know it was actually a 'Dinosaur'. After all they resemble the Pterodactyl, and if these did not become extinct before early humans walked the Earth, then maybe man did see them in person, which then enabled him to draw them.


Fire Breathing?

Most cultures believed that Dragons also breathed fire, now although we do not know of any living animal that is able to produce fire, how can we prove this wasn't so in the past. It is more likely that the creature exhaled a mist of vapour not un-similar to a Horse neighing on a cold morning. But there is also another possible explanation, recent reports of 'Flying Devils' in Papua New Guinea which are believed could be a Pterodactyl have also been reported to glow and emit bright light. Bioluminescence was originally thought only to belong to deep water creatures, but now science is investigating its possible presence in land based creatures. Maybe the people of the past who had no understanding of Bioluminescence, misconceived this as Fire.

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