The Unexplained - Things that go bump in the night

Inner Space

Man spends billions of pounds on equipment that will look deep into and explore space and on craft that will one day take them to far distant planets in our universe and beyond,

Yet we still know so little about our own planet.

Cave Systems

There are still parts of our jungles we have not been able to fully explore.
and 90% of our oceans still remain unexplored.
We may dig tunnels of our own, but nature has done a far better job, Aquafers and caves remain hidden below us, and due to lack of suitable technology and ability to withstand the pressures we have hardly explored any !

215 miles of Mayan Caves

Place of Fear

Dangerous Underwater Caves

Orda Cave,
Ural Mountains,

Lady of the Orda Cave

English Version

Mayan Underwater Caves

10 most amazing caves

Cave of Swallows

Worlds Deepest Mine

5 Underground Cities

Underground Cities

There are more accessible caves we can explore

Dan yr ogof .
National Show caves,
Wales, UK

Dan yr ogof
Wales, UK

Blaenau Ffestiniog, Wales: Slate Mine Experience

Deep inside a Welsh Gold Mine

Cheddar Gorge Caves

Gough's Cave
Cheddar Gorge

Wookey Hole
Somerset UK

What else will we find  ?

New caves are being found all the time, and we are going deeper and deeper.