and Aliens

Flying Saucers do exist!

Not from Mars, but from much closer to home, actual Flying Saucers have been developed here on earth by both the the Americans and Germans. The technology has been around since the 1940's and was still very much in development post-war. Possibly the explanation for many past UFO sightings.


Even today development of 'Flying Saucer' type craft is being undertaken even here in Britain, but not for interstellar travel, more as a reconnaissance aircraft for military and rescue. services.


But from the number of sightings from all over the globe of UFO's I cant see this as being the whole answer to the unanswered question..

Are we being visited by beings from another world? 

Nazi Foo Fighters

The Germans are claimed to have experimented during the war years with what was to become known as 'Foo Fighters' . There are many conflicting reports and information available, but describe these Foo Fighters as glowing balls of light or small shiny disks.
If they existed and were actually created by the German Nazi forces then it is believed they were some form of anti-aircraft weapon designed to disrupt radar and electrical equipment on the allied bombers and also to cause confusion amongst the crews.

Foo Fighters


German Flying Saucers

Hitler scoured the lands to find the 'Ultimate Weopon' to enable him to win the war, searching the Holy Lands for the Holy Grail hoping that as he had read it contained immense power from which he could create a 'Death Ray', and also by experimenting with Anti-Gravity to enable him to build the ultimate flying machine that could out manouvre everything else in the skies.

Amongst the released reports and attempts to find confirmation from people who were around at the time, were also snippets of information regarding the building of 'Saucers' in Nazi Germany.

The German's were also reported to have created the "Wenceslas Mine", a top secret underground facility used in testing 'The Bell' a mercury filled device using vast amounts of electricity to defy gravitation, attached to the underground facility on ground level was what was called the 'Fly-Trap' and close by a generator building to provide the vast power required.

The Fly Trap

This structure in Poland and the nearby power generators used to create the immense power needed was believed to contain and constrain '“Die Glocke' otherwise known as 'The Bell'.

This is still in place today.

2011 Aerial view of the Fly Trap using Google Earth

A tour of the Fly Trap

Die Glocke

The Bell

Mind Blowing Die Glocke Technology Invented By The Nazis

Where did the German Nazi's get the technology ?

Considering that not long before the German Air force were still using Bi-planes to fight with, they suddenly had a amazing burst of technological advancement in just a few short years. But how?.
When Adolf Hitler came to power as leader of the Nazi party, he authorised immense amounts of money and resources into searching the globe for information that would advance the Germans and win the war. He sent troops and scientists to Egypt and other locations revolving around religion, in search of the Holy Grail and Arc of the Covenant, believing that this would give him endless powers.

Did he find something ?
There are those who believe he had 'contact' with alien beings. Himself and the heads of his army, navy and air force were all adamant believers in extra terrestrial forces. The 'Swastika' was a symbol used to represent many organizations that were 'Alien followers', and used in many Hieroglyphics to represent space gods or flying travellers. The Nazi party believed they were direct descendants of Aliens.
Was he given information by them to create 'The Perfect Race'?

Or was he successful in finding artefacts, information or technology left here by Aliens? He certainly took a lot of 'treasures' from the Pyramids and other Temples around the globe. Did these give him the details on how to do things that had previously been unknown?
Hitler had a top secret underground research base built into a mine, which researched into the development of flying saucers; anti-gravitation devices; advanced weapons, and it has been said by some time travel. Only some of the scientists working for the German Nazi party survived, being taken back to America, and then working on rocket technologies which enabled us to explore space and eventually land on the moon. It is believed that some plans were smuggled out or stolen, maybe used later by the US Government and AVRO in the production of saucer style flying machines. But to prevent this knowledge, research, and already completed designs from being taken by the allied forces, the mine, along with the many scientists working in it, was sealed off. The scientists were killed to prevent capture, possibly hiding some of the most advanced research on the planet.

Maybe if we were to excavate this mine, we would find some of the answers we have been looking for.
Who knows, there may even be the Arc of Covenant or the Holy Grail !

The German and American Flying Saucer Programs

These videos below show the development of real life Flying Saucers by both the German and Allied Forces. 

American Flying Saucers

The Americans captured plans for the Saucer craft, and began working on similar Saucer shaped aircraft at the Avro factory. Building the 'AvroCar' and developing bigger Saucer shaped aircraft as part of the race to build 'Stealth' technology. Various attempt have been made over the years, including the 'Flying Jeep'.

The AVRO Car

Avrocar I Continuation and Terrain Test Program June 1960 to June 1961 Avro-US Army 

Avrocar! Saucer Secrets from the Past

Even the Russians were experimenting with Saucers

Russian Saucer

Present Day Saucers

Some of today's UAV and flying car designs would easily cause a stir and be called a UFO

Aesir Coanda-effect VTOL UAV

Flying Cars

Black Fly


Top 10 VTOL Airplanes 

Garrow Aircraft's Verticopter VTOL